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Northern Recon Group
Founded in 1978
The NRG is an Affiliate of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association.

NRG Core Values:
Integrity, Respect, and Excellence in All We Do!

“How do you spot an NRG member? …
By the mud on their tires AND TRACKS!
Our vehicles are still serving…”

“Our Military Vehicles are Veterans Too!”

NRG Remembers and Honors General Colin Powell

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Our New Challenge coin

The Oroville Group arrives in Yuba City for a rest before continuing the six-hour convoy to Patterson in 1983. John was the

convoy commander. Stan put his jeep up inside Cary's M-215 Dump Truck! There was a threat of RAIN!!!

Mike, “Kernel Corn”, and Shirley get ready for fun.

Cary and Bob work together on a Jeep project.

Lee Hutchins shows off his newly restored jeep at Mitchell Field in Oroville, CA in 1979.

Stan shows off his very nice Jeep and trailer before departing home from Patterson, CA 1981.

Bob Thelander leads the convoy out of Patterson in 1982. All of the vehicles followed along with

no problems on the six-hour trip home.

Frank enjoys a ride in history 

Morgan is very proud of his ride at Camp Patterson a few years ago in 1983.

The mission and purpose of the Northern Recon Group is to promote the history and use of military vehicles, equipment, uniforms and accoutrements of all periods and all nations to all interested persons, groups, and the general public through activities established from time to time by the members of the Northern Recon Group  “How do you spot an NRG member? …By the mud on their tires! Our vehicles are still serving…”

"Our Vehicles are Veterans too"


History of the NRG Website
In 2010, the Northern Recon Group was finalizing becoming an official
Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) affiliate. Dann S., of the Museum of Forgotten Warriors 
recommended his webmaster to the Northern Recon Group (NRG) to help in designing and establishing a website.
Immediately the NRG contacted Harlan H. and that relationship began. Harlan refused any reimbursement
for his time or his efforts in establishing the NRG Website. His complete dedication and devotion to the members
and veteran vehicles have truly helped to keep free life-time memberships a reality.
Harlan was recognized for his outstanding meritorious service in 2019. The NRG Website
helps to educate the public in over 35 countries, with over 550,000 views each year.
Please remember to send new members or inquisitive individuals to the NRG Website.
It really does help educate the public as to what the Northern Recon Group has accomplished. 
Thank you, Dann and Harlan as they both have since passed away. 
Harlan’s website will definitely go on into the future. 
Thank you, Carolyn (Harlan’s wife), for being patient and assisting in this transition.