Photographs and info of activities by the Northern Recon Group in 2011!

ADOPTED UnanimouslY (September 10, 2011)

Guidelines and Etiquette for the operation of the Northern Recon Group

  1. Title & Purpose

Purpose & Mission statement:

A.     Name of this group shall be the Northern Recon Group or hereafter referred to as the NRG in this document.

B.     The NRG is made up of individual persons or other entities each with equal standing, rights and responsibilities within the group and in all group activities.

C.     The mission and purpose of the NRG is to promote the history and safe use of Military vehicles, equipment, uniforms and accoutrements of all periods and all nations to all interested persons, groups, and the general public through activities established from time to time by the members of the NRG.

2. Members

A.    Regular members are those persons and/or entities that agree with the purpose and mission of the NRG and have an interest in preserving or helping to preserve all military history, regardless of nationalities or time period.

B.     Regular members have all the rights, privileges and responsibilities as defined in these Guidelines.  Regular members have voice and vote in all meetings and elections of the NRG.

C.     Guests – Guests will only be admitted to meetings by invitation of a regular member and shall have no voice, unless approved by the members present, and no vote.

3. Facilitators

A.    Facilitator Chairperson - shall be chairperson of all meetings and, when requested by the membership at a meeting, shall be spokesperson of the NRG and master of ceremonies at certain events unless prevented to perform these duties for personal or other reasons. The Facilitator Chairperson or acting Facilitator Chairperson shall have a voice but no vote in the meetings except to break a tie. The Facilitator Chairperson shall have the ability to appoint Facilitators pro-tem, at a meeting, with approval of the members present at that meeting, to fill the absence at that meeting or longer if it is required.

B.     Recorder - shall take minutes of all meetings and submit same to the information coordinator for dissemination to the members, the recorder shall also act as Facilitator Chairperson in Facilitator Chairpersons absence. The Recorder, in order to open a meeting or an event in the absence of the Facilitator Chairperson, shall then have the members elect pro-tem a Facilitator Chairperson for that meeting/event.

C.     Financial Trustees (3) - shall be in charge of any and all finances, bank accounts and other property of the NRG.  They shall all be signers on all accounts but must have authorization by a vote of the members at a meeting (as described in these guidelines of operation) with 2 of their signatures on all financial transactions. Such authorization must be recorded in the minutes of the meeting. In an emergency dealing with the activities of the NRG, the Trustees, may authorize the payment of expenses, not to exceed $200.00 (per instance), for those activities by a 2/3 vote. This payment and the nature of the emergency must be explained and approved at the next meeting.

D.    Information/ Activities Coordinator -  shall be in charge of maintaining a correct membership list to be shared with the trustees  (as with any other Group property) and shall send all information regarding meetings or other activities of the NRG to the members of the NRG by electronic or other means. This Facilitator shall advertise activities on line or in other similar group’s or club’s periodicals. An annual events list shall be published near the first month of each year and updated as needed.

E.     Additional vice facilitators may be appointed by the regular members at a meeting for a specific event or activity.

F.      Term of office for facilitators

1.      Max term shall be One (1), Two (2) year term with one (1), two (2) year term off before being able to run for the same Facilitator position again. Facilitators may run for a different Facilitator position than was held in the previous term.

G.    All Facilitators must be Regular members of the NRG.


4. Meetings

A.    All meetings of the NRG shall follow Roberts Rules of Order unless agreement can be reached by consensus.

B.     Agendas for meetings, including any items submitted by the regular members, shall be posted at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting date by the Information/Activities Facilitator. If a meeting of any kind is proposed, such a meeting with a date, time and place, must be publicized to the regular members at least 2 weeks prior to that meeting.

C.     Suggested outline for the order of business for meetings

1.      Call to order

2.      Introduction of members and guests

3.      Approval of the minutes of the last meeting

4.      Financial Trustees report

5.      Posted agenda items

6.      Other business

7.      Items of concern from the members

8.      Next meeting date time and place

9.      Closing

D.    Minutes of the meetings as recorded by the recorder shall be transmitted to the Information/Activities  Coordinator for posting to the members either by electronic or other means with the next agenda

E.     The quorum at all meetings of the NRG shall be at least 8 regular members.

5. Finances

A.    At the pleasure of the regular members, fund raisers may be developed when needed for special activities. Donations from the members, or other entities, may be made, from time to time. 

B.     Standing expenses.

1.      Postage and supplies required for the operation of these guidelines of the NRG shall be paid by the Trustees from the NRG account(s) upon receipt of an invoice.

C.     Financial accounts

1.      The Trustees shall be responsible for all NRG accounts and finances all three shall be signers on the account(s) with at least 2 signatures required.

2.      The Trustees shall report the status of all accounts to the members on a regular basis.

D.    Website

1.      At a future date the regular members may vote to establish an NRG website with a password protected area for member comments and discussion. If established, the Regular members must approve the website at 2 consecutive meetings. I.E. – motion to suggest on the 1st meeting, vote to confirm on the 2nd meeting. before it goes on line.

2.      Until a website is established, the NRG shall use NRG-NEWS@COMCAST.NET as its official email site. The Information Coordinator shall share the Password for this account with the Trustee Facilitators for secure keeping as with any other property of the NRG.

E.     Voting on financial expenditures

1.      All expenditures of the NRG may only be paid by the Trustees after a vote in the affirmative by Regular members at two consecutive meetings. I.E. – motion to suggest on the 1st meeting, vote to confirm on the 2nd meeting. Standing expenses shall be voted on by the regular members on an annual basis.

           F. Audit

1.      The Regular members shall form a committee of three Regular members, to be assisted by the Financial Trustees, to perform an audit of all accounts of the NRG on an annual basis. The audit shall take place in January of each year and when completed shall be presented to the Regular members at a meeting for approval. The audit shall be kept by the Recorder with minutes of the meetings.

6. Elections

A.    Elections and terms of facilitators- elections shall take place at the start of the January meeting or the 1st meeting of each even numbered year (starting with 2012), nominations shall be transmitted to the Information/Activities Facilitator by November 30th of each year. All candidates shall have the right to make a statement to the members through the Information/Activities Facilitator who shall send their statement to the members by December 20th. An Election committee shall be formed at the October meeting, consisting of 3 regular members who are not candidates in the election. A list of nominees shall be prepared in addition to nominations allowed from the floor, no later than the November meeting. The election committee shall have charge of the election process and voting, subject to the laws of the land and any rules as established by the Regular Members of the NRG. The election committee will be disbanded when the new facilitators take office.

B.     Absentee ballots shall be allowed as mail in ballots. The procedure for the receipt, counting, distribution or other issues shall be determined by the Election Committee.

C.     Elections shall be by secret ballot in every circumstance, never by acclimation.

D.    Newly elected Facilitators shall take their office immediately following the announcement of the results by the Election Committee.


7. Changes to these Guidelines

A.    All changes to these guidelines must be adopted by this procedure: First meeting - introduction & 1st reading, Second meeting - 2nd reading, Third and final meeting - 3rd reading, and vote for adoption (requires 3 consecutive meetings). Amendments shall only be allowed at the 1st and 2nd readings.

     8. Other

A.    Committees may be appointed from time to time by Regular members at a meeting. Volunteers will have first priority, however if there are no Volunteers than the Facilitator Chairperson shall appoint at least 3 members to serve on the committee. All committees, however formed, shall be given a starting date, a clear task to perform, a reporting date to the regular members and a definite ending date at which time the committee shall be disbanded.

B.     In all issues not covered by these Guidelines, Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the operation of the NRG.

   9. Procedures and Policies

A.    The Regular members may, from time to time, establish operational procedures and or policies for the operation of the NRG. These procedures and or policies may not conflict with these “Guidelines and Etiquette for the operation of the Northern Recon Group”.

B.     These policies and/or procedures must be submitted to the Regular members at a meeting and be voted to adopt or deny at the next meeting.

C.     These policies and/or procedures may be changed by the Regular members at a meeting and be voted to adopt or deny at the next meeting.

10. Severance clause

A.    Should any of these guidelines for the operation of the NRG be found to be in violation of law, they may be removed or altered, without affecting the remainder of these guidelines.
Adoption of these rules

A.    In order to adopt the above “Guidelines and Etiquette for the operation of the Northern Recon Group” the members that were present at each meeting, as regular members, agree to these guidelines and that the following procedure was followed: First meeting - 1st reading, the next meeting will be the 2nd reading and adoption. We all further agree that the initial Facilitators named below will fill their positions pro-tem until the next election. We all also agree that the initial Facilitators are eligible to run for the first full term as a facilitator and that their “pro-tem” term is not a regular “term” (defined in Section 3.E) as a facilitator.

I.                   Initial facilitators

a.      Facilitator Chairperson – David Palmerlee

b.      Recorder – Cary Simpson

c.       Trustees

                                                              i.      Lee Hutchins

                                                            ii.      Chuck Ouimette

                                                           ii.      Pat Thelander

d.      Information/Activities Coordinator – Bill Cambell

First typist of NRG: Meridith the SUPER AMAZING AWESOME DAUGHTER Palmerlee. (Thanks to Meridith I didn’t spend too many hours one finger typing!)


II.                Initial Regular Members

a.      All current persons or entities on the NRG mailing list or electronic list are regular members.

Members of the Northern Recon Group decorated their historic military vehicles and drove them in the Paradise Light Parade 2011.

Cameron Park Show-N-Shine and Fly-in 2011

David and Nancy Porter of the El Dorado Canyon Motor Pool Detachment of the Northern Recon Group are outstanding supporters of many events in Northern California.

Idaho Meet

Northern Recon Group member Ed Schaefer uses a .50 caliber propane replica owned by George Schaefer to defend against zombies at a large public park in Idaho in October 2011.  We were assisted by the North Idaho Vehicle Group.

Our Idaho Detachment of the Northern Recon Group attend the Athol, Idaho vehicle car show and win a trophy!

Freedom of the City in Canada.

The above pictures were submitted by MVPA Past President and MVPA Board Member, Al Nicholson.  The event was held on June 11, 2011 Freedom of the City in Canada.

Marysville Veterans Day Parade

Northern Recon Group members attend and support the Marysville Veterans Parade 2011.

Camp Gridley

The Northern Recon Group hosted the Annual Camp Gridley in Gridley, CA 2011.

Northern Recon Group members attend their Annual Christmas Party in 2011.

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