Photographs of activities by the Northern Recon Group in 1984!

The Military Vehicle Collectors Club has since been renamed The Military Vehicle Preservation Association.

Camp Patterson

Many members were very happy to see this sign after a six hour drive down Highway 5.  We then still had about a 30 minute drive back to the Frank Raines Park.

Joyce and Lee Hutchins unpack all of their supplies after a long drive to Camp Patterson 1984.

Chuck Heindell and Lee Hutchins bring in the treasures of Camp Patterson 1984.  Many items had to be new old stock or used.  Very few parts or items were reproduced.

Harold Corn drives around in his jeep at Camp Patterson 1984.  Everyone had fun with "Col" Corn.  Lee Hutchins and Jim Causey are seen behind Harold.

The Oroville Group put up their flag pole.  The NRG "reserved" the cement slab each year.  Bob Thelander covered his Indian motorcycle next to Harolds' jeep.

Look at these troops!  Yes, that is Lee and Joyce Hutchins and Chuck and Cheryl Heindell.  Do they look sharp!!!  They are at the Camp Patterson USO Dance in 1984

Carolyn Simpson and Pat Thelander are AWOL at the Camp Patterson USO Dance in 1984.  Wonder why they stopped wearing the uniforms?

More troops at Camp Patterson!!!  Lee and Joyce Hutchins, Bob and Pat Thelander, and Hal Simpson, USAF Maj (Retired) all dressed up for the USO Dance.  Many individuals just sat around the room and quietly watched the troops come back to life.  The uniforms really made the evening!

Chuck and Cheryl Heindell pull out of Camp Patterson 1984.  The convoy home took about six hours down Highway 5 at 40-45 miles per hour.

The NRG Convoy stops for fuel on their way home down Highway 5.  The 1984 Camp Patterson will remain as memories.

NRG Summer Party

The Northern Recon Group welcomes the Bay Area Region in 1984.  The NRG always ended the summer with a party and in 1984 it was held in Yuba City at the Simpson Motor Pool.

NRG Members and some of their vehicles add to the end of summer party in 1984.

The NRG held a party and invited members of the Bay Area Region or BAR in 1984.

About 30 members attended this end of summer party at the Simpson Motor Pool in 1984.

The end of summer party celebrated teamwork between the BAR and NRG.

A large cake was ordered in honor of the teamwork between the NRG and BAR.

Harold "Col" Corn ate his dinner on the hood of his jeep at the 1984 NRG end of summer party with the BAR

1984 Beale Air Show

The Northern Recon Group supports the 1984 Beale Air Force Base Air Show.

An impressive show of military vehicles at the 1984 Beale Air Force Base Air Show.

The Army National Guard provided transportation of the M-16 halftrack owned and restored by Bob Thelander.  This was a tremendous recruiting tool for the National Guard!

A B-17 and a jeep at the 1984 Beale Air Force Base Air Show.

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