Photographs of activities by the Northern Recon Group in 1983!

Camp Patterson

The Oroville Group arrives in Yuba City for a rest before continuing the six hour convoy to Patterson in 1983.  John Whittier was the convoy commander.  Stan Starkey put his jeep up inside Cary's M-215 Dump Truck!  There was a threat of RAIN!!!

The NRG Convoy made it to Patterson!  1983 proved to be one of the very best yet!  Here the group off loads all of the needed supplies and equipment for camping.  The General Purpose Large Tent really made for an outstanding event.

Here John Whittier organizes and supervises the construction of the GP Large Tent.  Everyone had to help with this project.  Teamwork of the NRG again proved a valuable tool!

Mike Mattos always supported Camp Patterson!  In 1983, Mike had two of his semi trailers loaded with military vehicles.

Pat and Bob Thelander provide original music for the 1983 Camp Patterson USO Dance.  The cigar helped him think about the music selection.

Joyce and Lee Hutchins and others enjoy the music at the 1983 Camp Patterson USO Dance.

Pat and Bob Thelander enjoy a dance at the 1983 Camp Patterson USO Dance.

Uniforms were a tremendous hit at the 1983 Camp Patterson USO Dance.  Here Stan Starkey, Chuck Heindell, Cheryl Heindell, wait for more music to be played.

Frank Steele in uniform at the Camp Patterson USO Dance in 1983.

Rain made the 1983 Camp Patterson a real success!  Yes, rain made it more fun than any before.  I think it was the way it forced members to seek shelter in the GP Large Tent and share some warm dry space.  The convoy home also will never be forgotten.  Harold Corn never put a top on his jeep!!!  He and Charley Helzer drove all the way home without a top on his jeep and with manual wipers.

Truckee Air Show

The 1983 Truckee Air Show was another military vehicle convoy for the NRG.  In this photo Bob Thelander was the convoy commander with Pat and Chuck Heindell following.  We had about eight vehicles in the convoy.  The drive and views of snow were absolutely beautiful!

The NRG Convoy enters Truckee for the 1983 Truckee Air Show.

Another snow shot of the 1983 NRG Convoy to the Truckee Airshow.

A line up of our NRG military vehicles at the 1983 Truckee Air Show.

The 1983 Truckee Air Show was fun for all.  A WWII battle was re-enacted with real vehicles and re-enactors.

After the mock battle the vehicles and troops were available to the public.

The NRG Convoy home from the 1983 Truckee Air Show.

The 1983 Truckee Air Show Group Photo at rest stop on way home!  From Left to right: Corey Simpson, Charley Helzer,Stan Starkey, Bob Thelander, Harold Corn, Pat Thelander, Chuck and Cheryl Heindell, John Whittier, Cary Simpson, Carolyn Simpson, Richard McCall, and Hal Simpson took the photo.

Beale Air Show

The NRG supports the Beale Air Force Base Air Show with a great showing of military vehicles in 1983.

Members of the Northern Recon Group enjoy some shade at the 1983 Beale Air Force Base Air Show.

A C-5 with many individuals all around it at the 1983 Beale AFB Air Show.

MVPA Convention

NRG members attend and support the 1983 MVPA Convention at Vancouver B. C.

More military vehicles on display at the 1983 MVPA Convention in Vancouver B.C.

1983 Quincy Parade

The Northern Recon Group drives the 1983 Quincy Parade.

John and Vicki Whittier drive their jeep in the 1983 Quincy Parade.

Christmas Party 1983

NRG Members look through OD presents under the tree at the 1983 NRG Christmas Party in Oroville.

Members of the NRG enjoy an evening at the Thelander home in Oroville.  The NRG conducts an annual Christmas Party each year.

Sandy Causey and Vicky Whittier await 8 mm movies at the 1983 NRG Christmas Party.  There are many hours of 8 mm movies of the NRG.  That year movies of Harold Corn and Charley Helzer driving home from Patterson in the rain were a hit!

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