Photographs of activities by the Northern Recon Group in 1982!

Oroville members gather for a driver's brief before starting out on the six hour drive to Patterson in 1982.  Bob Thelander was the convoy commander.

Bob Thelander discusses safety items before the convoy departs Oroville.  Many of the members decided to wear OD to make the convoy more professional.

Members of the NRG work together putting up our camp flag pole at Patterson in 1982.  Teamwork always set the group apart!  Many more things can be completed while working together as a team.

NRG members work together setting up camp and the community center.  Patterson was held in April each year and rain was a threat

The Oroville Group really worked togther as a team and the community center was a focal point for activities.

Breakfast at Patterson in 1982 was a feast!  All of our members ate well and looked forward to a busy day.  Many new vehicles arrived from Los Angeles, Nevada and even Utah!

The Oroville Group wore their yellow shirts to show teamwork!  Here they are sitting on M-215 Dump Truck at Patterson in 1982.

Bob Thelander organizes and lines up our convoy home.  We had about fourteen vehicles in our convoy.  We even had convoy signs on the convoy commander (Convoy Follows) and last vehicle (Convoy Ahead) for safety.  We even used original radios to coordinate the convoy.  Lee Hutchins provided the radios and expertise for the group!

The convoy pulls out of Patterson 1982.  Many of the supplies were loaded in the trailer.  Notice the dirt on the tires!!!

Bob Thelander leads the convoy out of Patterson in 1982.  All of the vehicles followed along with no problems on the six hour trip home.

The Oroville Group lines up another convoy en route to Quincy in August of 1982.  John Whittier was the convoy commander.

John Whittier takes the convoy up Highway 70 through some beautiful scenery.  The sounds of jeep horn could be heard in the tunnels.  What an enjoyable trip.

The California Army National Guard pulled Bob Thelander's M-16 halftrack for the parade in Quincy.  The National Guard senior leadership supported our group and we supported their events.  John Whittier and Stan Starkey were both members of the National Guard.

The convoy arrived at the Keddie Resort, just outside of Quincy to spend the night. Many were happy to be there!

The NRG members ate dinner at the Keddie Resort in 1982.  The next day was the Quincy parade and then trip home.

Bob Thelander holds his M-5 Stuart Tank Cake at the 1982 NRG Christmas Party in the Thelander home.

Stan Starkey shows off a new item for Camp Patterson.  The 1982 NRG Christmas Party was fun for everyone as everyone had the opportunity to take home an OD gift.  Each person would bring an OD gift and put it under the tree.  That person received a ticket with a chance to pick a gift from the tree.  Stan did pretty good with his ticket!

The 1982 NRG Christmas Party was a time to reflect on the years events.  8 mm movies were shown of some of the events.  The home movies were a hit!

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