Photographs of activities by the Northern Recon Group in 1981!

Oroville group members Harold Corn and Lee Hutchins work on a vehicle in preparation for Patterson 1981.  The Oroville group met weekly at the National Guard Armory in Oroville.  Preparation for the six hour convoy was very serious and fun for all.

Harold Corn and Charley lead the convoy down Highway 5 at a nice 40-45 miles per hour.  Harold and Charley made a GREAT team as convoy commanders.  The convoy took about six hours to get to Patterson.  The Oroville group had about twelve vehicles and trailers in the convoy.  Patterson was a meet that was held by the California Chapter of the Military Vehicle Collectors Club (MVCC) which is now called the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA).

John Whittier and his son Brandon drive their jeep and trailer down Highway 5 at 45 miles per hour.  Everything needed for camping and fun was loaded in the trailers.  Everyone helped each other and worked together as a team.  Even active duty Army thought the convoy was a Reserve unit convoy!  The only problem was our tires were cleaner than the active duty tires!!

Bob Thelander drives his Dodge Weapons Carrier down Highway 5 at 45 miles per hour!  His vehicle carried most of the groups supplies as it was the largest vehicle.  Bob was a mentor and outstanding enabler of the hobby.  Bob made the hobby fun and safe for everyone.

The Oroville group stops for a safety break in Sacramento!  The long drive of over six hours could really flatten a bottom in the not-so-soft seats of a jeep.  Some vehicles topped off with fuel and vehicle checks.

The Oroville group lined up their vehicles in a very impressive display!  Patterson was held in April each year with Mike Mattos as a large supporter and promoter of the event.

John Whittier prepares his jeep and trailer for the long trip home to Oroville.

Stan Starkey is ready for the six hour drive home to Oroville.

Bob Thelander to the rescue of a jeep!  Many watch as Bob quickly fixes the jeep and the convoy was on the road again.  It was a team effort that really paid off.  Everyone knew that they would not be left behind.

The Oroville group stops for final vehicle checks before driving on Highway 5.  About twelve vehicles drove the convoy to Patterson in April of 1981. 

The Oroville group attended the MVPA Convention at Fort McArthur in 1981.

Ron Raschdorf, Bob Thelander, and John Whittier enjoy dinner on the Queen Mary after a long day at Fort Mc Arthur and the MVPA Convention.

Stan Starkey, Charley Helzer, and Harold Corn enjoy dinner on the Queen Mary.  The Oroville group really stood out with their green shirts and teamwork.

Frank Steele at the 1981 MVPA Convention at Fort Mac Arthur.  This photo was taken on the Queen Mary.

Hal Simpson, Major USAF Retired, provided base lodging for the Oroville group while at the MVPA Convention in 1981.  He also provided transportation for the group.

The Oroville Group has always held an annual Christmas party.  In 1981, the group held it's party at Harold and Shirley Corn's home in Oroville.

The Oroville Group celebrated the year and planned next year's events.  It was a time for reflection and lessons learned.  Again, teamwork motivated the group!  1981 proved very fun and productive but 1982 looked even better!!!

The Oroville Group was not a large group but an inclusive group!  Everyone felt welcomed and had fun.  The 1981 Christmas Party was a great success!!!  Thank you Harold "Col Corn" and Shirley.

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