West Sacramento CA has a place to remember 9/11

Sacramento has places, ways to remember 9/11

The West Sacramento memorial features more than 350 large flags.  At its center, two towers representing the World Trade Center are, are marked with the words “never forget.”

It’s John Vinson’s 15th  year setting up his 9/11 Memorial Flag Tribute in West Sacramento.  Each time he does it, he adds something new.

This year, international flags from more than 60 countries representing the nationalities of people killed at the World Trade Center - are mixed among the 2977 small flags at his memorial one for each victim.

Smaller memorials around the site recognize other tragedies, including the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida and the 2012 Benghazie attack.

“Everybody takes something from here.  Some folks come in here and just cry for a long time and then they’ll leave.  Other People come her and just think about life.” said Vinson, a former resident of the city who said up to 4000 people visit the site at Jefferson Boulevard and Locks Drive each year.

By Sacramento Bee Staff

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