MVPA Lincoln Highway Convoy 2019

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I have been talking to historians at the Eisenhower Library and came across this: the daily log of the 1919 trip. If you don’t already have it, I thought your team may be interested in this.  Looks like a lot of breakdowns and curve balls back on the original trip.

There is more stuff on this link

We spent dinner and the night at the Veterans Home in Iowa. The  commandant sumed it up by saying, "A Veteran is someone  who at some time in his or hers life wrote a blank check made payable to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for an amount up to  and including my life."

Blackhawk Helicopter 240 Hotel (machine guns)
Sabra said if I bring one home we need a bigger barn.

Look who came out to see us!

"Convoy Iwo Jima". Mutt that got sandwiched earlier. We don't need no stinken frame machine. Sabras driving over the Great Mississippi...

We're at Cantigney Museum. (Near Joliet, Illinois.)Great Museum.  They supplied lunch and filled all our fuel tanks (no charge)

The Tide and First Gear waits for no one

Rest day at Wooster Ohio. Fixing green Iron and doing laundry

The hospitality  has been incredible. We wave to thousands of people daily.  Can't  buy a meal.  The whole town of East Palistine turned out to feed, water (adult beverages) free camping, dinner, lunches for next day, breakfast ,showers, gift bags and the list goes on...

On the trailer is a 1918 Dodge (the first model that they originally used on the 1919 convoy.) The grade of 16% and 100 degree temps overheated the old girl.  But she'll be ready to go tomorrow

Here is a link to a new one I just shot on a civil war reenactment in Duncan Mills, CA. Feel free to share with anyone.

Went to a BBQ near Gettysburg and 5 tanks were doing a hot lap!

Drove 350 miles today.  Now we're at camp on a Great river (nearest town Ottisville, New York. ) 199 miles from 1st gear of the convoy...

In Massachusetts  heading to York Pennsylvania Spent a week in Maine. Kayaking, ate a lot of Lobster, New England Baked beans at the Grange,, ice cream social, and made a bunch of friends.  Memphis Equip. Treated us right. Overnighted us a coil.  OHM METER read 11.5 ohms should be 4.5 and didn't work.  Sent a replacement NOS next day air. No Charge and don't bother sending the bad one back...

We made it to Maine.  Camped at Owls Head. Had lobster tacos for lunch

Found this mine sweeper in Maine. (Owls Head) Fiberglass hull with armored plate above the waterline

We're in Indiana. Have been on back roads for the last week.  Running good.  Hot in the Ambulance, so Sabra and Jeep are sharing the Iceman (pumps ice water onto a cooling pad).

Now that we're running better we were able to get away from I 80, and KOA's

We're in Pendelton Oregon, COWBOY COUNTRY! Ambulance running good! Expect more photos... MVPA Lincoln Highway Convoy 2019.Dan and Sabra S.

Cool, I'm at Mt. Konocti Lookout. Helping some friends.

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