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The Northern Recon Group 2023-2025 Officers

The Northern Recon Group educates the public and the membership about the historical significance of the Change of Command. A change of command is a historical military tradition that represents a formal transfer of authority and responsibility for a unit from one commanding or flag officer to another. The passing of colors, standards, or ensigns from an outgoing commander to an incoming one ensures that the unit and its soldiers is never without official leadership, a continuation of trust, and also signifies an allegiance of soldiers to their unit's commander. Volunteers are what keep this organization and hobby moving forward.


NRG President - shall be chairperson of all meetings and, when requested by the membership at a meeting, shall be spokesperson of the NRG and master of ceremonies at certain events unless prevented to perform these duties for personal or other reasons.

NRG President: Bill C. 530-570-3066 
NRG Recording/Secretary: Compiles agendas, maintains meeting minutes and records; acts in President’s absence.

Recorder: Adam F. 530-712-0096
NRG Financial Trustee: With signatory authority, accounts for all finances and assets; assists with annual inventories and audits.

Trustee: Rick F. 530-864-5113
NRG Editor/Communications Coordinator: Maintains membership records, distributes information electronically in the NRG E-Newsletter.
Editor: Cary S. 530-701-5141
NRG Correspondent: The NRG Correspondent is recognized for the most published articles sent into the NRG E-Newsletter.

NRG Correspondent: Michael F. 707-332-3871

NRG Webmaster: Cary S.  is taking over the NRG Webmaster duties after the passing of Harlan H.
NRG Webmaster: Cary S. 530-701-5141
Facebook Moderator:  Keeps the membership and the public aware of all events and posts event photos.
Facebook Moderator: Adam F. 530-712-0096
 NRG Core Values:
Integrity, Respect, and Excellence in All We Do!
Over 40 Years of Preserving Military History 1978 to 2020

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