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Northern Recon Group
Founded in 1978
The NRG is an Affiliate of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association.

NRG Core Values:
Integrity, Respect, and Excellence in All We Do!

“How do you spot an NRG member? …
By the mud on their tires AND TRACKS!
Our vehicles are still serving…”

“Our Military Vehicles are Veterans Too!”

NRG Remembers and Honors General Colin Powell

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Rory and Bill await the convoy commander to pull out, at a past Camp Gridley. It is fun to share the ride in February! Yes, the weather is good

enough for the top off in February. It is California weather. Thank You Bill for keeping the NRG alive during these times of

need. Bill's dedication and outstanding leadership has been extremely valuable to NRG and the membership.

Floyd and Rick also wait for the convoy to pull out. They are almost in uniform but it is not a requirement to have fun.

The windshield is down as we must have been headed back to camp.

Janet and Bruce enjoyed camping in the Mercedes at a past Camp Gridley. Where is Dino?

Connor and Corey enjoyed a day drive in their M-151, A father and son trip around the Sutter Buttes! Corey is an

Army veteran and retiring from law enforcement with over twenty years of service.

Doug and Lotte enjoy their Jeep on a beautiful day. Doug is a USMC veteran and very proud!

Nancy and Dave take a ride in one of their military vehicles. Dave is a Navy veteran and

the Northern Region, Vice President of the MVCC.

Carl stops his M-151 to have a chat with Joe on the side of the road.

North Bay Members wait for their convoy commander to gather the vehicles. Michael waits patiently.

Sally and George show their NRG Spirit at a recent Feather Falls Casino event.

Sabra and Dan have put on many miles with the Military Vehicle Preservation Association convoys.

They are certainly convoy experts!

We did the Mather Airshow this year (with COVID restrictions). Since we are a small group, they allowed us in.

We had Travis and the Jeep also Nick, Jeff, Corey, Spencer and myself. 200 yards from the front gate.

We were swamped with people and kids wanting to take their picture with us. Gerry

Brian enjoys anytime he can take his Jeep for a drive! Tommy got to enjoy a ride.

Walt’s War Wagons is an impressive collection of military vehicles. Walt and Ellen can be found at

almost all local car shows and events with their vehicles.

The Farley Family keeps the children engaged with their family collection of military vehicles.

Take a look at those smiles.

American Legion Marysville Post 42
1703 Elm Street
Marysville, California 95901-4231
American Legion Linda Post 807
5477 Feather River Blvd.
Olivehurst, CA 95961
American Legion Jack London Post 489
P.O. Box 578
Sonoma, CA 95476
American Legion Post 673
9319 Midway
Durham, CA 95938
American Legion Stephen M. Brammer Post 705
1425 Veterans Memorial Circle
Yuba City, CA 95993
VFW 4095, Olivehurst, CA
4956 Powerline Road
Olivehurst, California 95961
VFW 948, Marysville, CA
1703 Elm Street
Marysville, California 95901-4231
VFW 1943, Bear Flag Post
126 First Street
West Sonoma, CA 95476
DAV Chapter 9 Marysville/Yuba City, CA
DAV Paradise Chapter 106

VRC Veterans Resource Centers of America
Chico Veterans Resource Center
110 Amber Grove, Suite 110
Chico, CA 95973
Cell (707) 496-6440


The mission and purpose of the Northern Recon Group is to promote the history and use of military vehicles, equipment, uniforms and accoutrements of all periods and all nations to all interested persons, groups, and the general public through activities established from time to time by the members of the Northern Recon Group  “How do you spot an NRG member? …By the mud on their tires! Our vehicles are still serving…”

"Our Vehicles are Veterans too"


History of the NRG Website
In 2010, the Northern Recon Group was finalizing becoming an official
Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) affiliate. Dann S., of the Museum of Forgotten Warriors 
recommended his webmaster to the Northern Recon Group (NRG) to help in designing and establishing a website.
Immediately the NRG contacted Harlan H. and that relationship began. Harlan refused any reimbursement
for his time or his efforts in establishing the NRG Website. His complete dedication and devotion to the members
and veteran vehicles have truly helped to keep free life-time memberships a reality.
Harlan was recognized for his outstanding meritorious service in 2019. The NRG Website
helps to educate the public in over 35 countries, with over 550,000 views each year.
Please remember to send new members or inquisitive individuals to the NRG Website.
It really does help educate the public as to what the Northern Recon Group has accomplished. 
Thank you, Dann and Harlan as they both have since passed away. 
Harlan’s website will definitely go on into the future. 
Thank you, Carolyn (Harlan’s wife), for being patient and assisting in this transition.

Any comments, suggestions or questions may be sent to the Webmaster and be sure to put NRG in the subject, thanks.